Works in Progress (Paper titles and abstracts omitted to facilitate anonymous review)

  • A paper on love and disagreement (R&R)

  • A paper on the temporal and rational nature of grief (in preparation)

  • A paper on the ethics of seduction (in preparation)

  • A paper on what we should learn from regret

  • A paper on Nietzsche as a critic of regret

Recent Presentations

  • 2021 “A Prioritarian Approach to Cultural Inequality in Higher Education,” UNC Charlotte Ethics and Applied Philosophy Graduate Conference, Virtual

  • 2020 “Seduction and the Subversion of Agency,” Columbia/NYU Philosophy Graduate Conference, New York, NY (Canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic)

  • 2020 “Seduction and the Subversion of Agency,” Graduate Philosophy Association Conference on Philosophy of Sex and Love, SUNY Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

  • 2019 “Dismantling Foot’s Master Analogy,” The Legacy of Wittgenstein, Anscombe, and Their Oxbridge Contemporaries, The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.